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Professional 3D Viewer for reading DWG, STEP/STP, STL, IGES and other 3D file formats3D Viewer can print and convert 3D files.

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Free online 3D Viewer

3D file formats supported by 3D File Viewer:

DWG 3D Viewer - AutoCAD drawing file format

DXF 3D Viewer - Drawing Exchange Format

3DS 3D Viewer - 3DStudio, and many others

STL 3D Viewer - Stereolithography file format (bimary and ANSI structure)

IGES 3D Viewer - Initial Graphics Exchange Specification

STEP 3D Viewer - Standard for the Exchange of Product model data

OBJ 3D Viewer - WaveFront and many others

GTS 3D Viewer - GNU Triangulated Surface

TIN 3D Viewer - Triangular Irregular Network vector file format

ASE 3D Viewer - ASCI Scene Export

B3D 3D Viewer - Blitz 3D model files

GLM, GLX, GLA 3D Viewer - Ghoul2 (GLM) model files

LMTS 3D Viewer - Pulsar Studio LMTS File Format

LWO 3D Viewer - Lightwave3D object file (6.0 or newer)

NURBS 3D Viewer - Nurbs surfaces vector file

NMF 3D Viewer - NormalMapper files

OCT 3D Viewer - FSRad OCT files

PLY 3D Viewer - Stanford Triangle Format vector file

VRML 3D Viewer - Virtual Reality Modeling Language vector file

MCD 3D Viewer - MCD files

MD2 3D Viewer - Quake 2

MD3 3D Viewer - Quake 3

MD5 3D Viewer - Doom3 mesh vector file format

SMD 3D Viewer - Half-Life

BSP 3D Viewer - Quake 3